The idea to make the exhibition was born during the spring 2011 and the visual work has been going on since 2012.

During 2016 and 2018 the project-team has been working with the content, texts, images and technique. At the same time drawings are made and planned, down to the smallest detail, as well as applications for financial means. A homepage and a presentation film for the Crowdfunding is also produced.

To succeed in opening the exhibition during the autumn 2019 we must achieve finance during 2018. Otherwise there is a risk that we have to postpone the exhibition in time.
All the work has been done on a voluntary and non-profit basis so far...

The planification of the Exhibition


  • Continue the work on the contents in the rooms, texts, images, material, technique and drawings.
  • Make a homepage.
  • A film for presentation
  • Do a Crowdfunding.
  • Offers on production will be received.
  • A new estimation of the expenses will be made according to these.



  • Texts and translations to different languages.
  • Manufacturing and ordering of all parts of the exhibition.
  • Handicraft, texts, images, sculptures, installations, constructions and details.
  • Planning of dance and music events that will accompany the exhibition.
  • Technique och and orders.
  • Planning of the publicity campaign.
  • Recordings in different languages.


  • The publicity campaign starts.
  • Continuation of manufacturing.
  • Purchase of details.
  • Construction on site.
  • Opening in the autumn 2020.
  • OPENING with a duration of 3 month.
  • Filming of the Exhibition.
    The Exhibition will be dismantled and moved!
  • Applications.

2018  Do a Crowdfunding.
Finish "The tree of Life" as a pilotexhibition in London, as a part of the "Man in World" Exhibition.
Find more ideas and content for all the rooms. Make detailed drawings.
2019  Manufacturing of the exhibition. Constructions, handcrafts, texts, techniques, publicity, etc.
2020  Continued manufacturing. Build and Open the exhibition and lasts 3 month. Make a movie.

2021  Expand to other parts of the world!