Together we can create this exhibition with support from people and institutions. People who long in the heart for more understanding for themselves, humanity, our history and what we can do for the future.


  •  AGEAC International Department and other Geophilosophical Associations in Spain, France, Sweden and India in terms of content and technology.
  • Mari-Louise Olsson, f. museum director, with long experience of exhibition planning and form. She founded the establishment of The Museum of Mölndal and the renovation of Gunnebo House & Gardens.
  • The Foundation “The Works of Hilma af Klint”, which lends reproductions of works that represent examples in various parts of the exhibition. Her symbolism is synonymous with the symbols and content of our exhibition, and interesting to look at from a geophilosophical perspective, in the face of both older and modern art expressions. Her work is also a worthy representative of the Swedish "archetypical" abstract art, which is highly current today, and is displayed on museums around the world.
  • Various museums and institutions for loan of items as well as purchase of images as references in the art.
  • Göteborg & Co and Kulturforvaltningen for the Jubilee 2021, which we contacted.
  • Employment services working with integration in society and the labor market, for people from different cultures.
  • Crowdfundings following the work.

 "If we denied Nature's Intelligent Principles, then the mechanics would cease to exist; because it is not      possible with mechanics without a mechanic.”                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                Samael Aun Weor