Universal Coherence


Universal Coherence is a philosophical system to see how a concept can be reflected through a symbol or a metaphor in order to create deeper understanding about its essential meaning.

Through Universal Coherence we can reach insights about life and create harmony and union by understanding common cosmic truths. Universal coherence is the philosophy that helps us to reach comprehension beyond the intellect, a more intuitive knowledge about inherent things regarding our existence.

The idea of Universal Coherence has been studied and applied in many esoteric philosophies in the past were the idea of seeing the Man -the human being-, the Nature and the whole Universe in a coexistence. Between them there are resembling principles that can be found as echoes throughout everything that exists.

The idea of seeing the solar system reflected in an atom is a good example of Universal Coherence. This is why quantum physics seeks to understand the big universe and its cosmic phenomena by looking into the smallest of omnipresent particles to discover the fundamental laws and principles of the whole cosmos.

According to Universal Coherence, a similar thing happens with the human being and her relation to nature and its fundamental laws. The idea of seeing man as a Micro-cosmos, as an image of the universe (Macro-cosmos) is the essential core behind this philosophy.

We can for example see the wonders of the phenomena of electricity, based on the magnetic force of the polarity between positive and negative charges and found throughout nature. The same coherence exist between the polarity of a man and a woman, representing the same bi-polarity of a magnet, that are capable of creating wonders and procreate life through the attraction of sexes.

In religion and many systems of esoteric symbolism, the same thing has also been illustrated by the symbols of the Sun and the Moon, representing similar aspects but of a higher and spiritual nature. The Sun is the masculine and positive projecting force and the Moon is the feminine or negative attracting force. They are combined as cosmic principles to create prodigies at a universal level.

Understanding one cosmic principle at one level we can understand a similar principle at another level. Therefore, through the philosophy of Universal Coherence we can also approach the understanding of ancient systems of explaining the ideas about Divine intelligence.

With Universal Coherence we reach a logical conclusions about the similarities in different religions and spiritual traditions around the world. We can better understand the foundations that gave rise to many belief systems and ancient knowledge such as Astrology, Alchemy, Kabbalah, etc.

For example, the ancient Pythagoreans saw God as a great mathematical architect who expressed himself through numbers, geometry and at the same time, and in a similar way, through notes, sound and music. This made the study of mathematical symbols as well as music a system to approach the divine and cosmic harmony that is reflected in nature and in us human beings.

Following up on the ancient Pythagorean idea regarding Universal Coherence, we see that numbers and mathematics can be represented through geometrical symbols.  Geometrical symbols can make us understand laws and principles of the universe and nature and thus give us insights about how life works in its different aspects.

Therefore, we see how Universal Coherence explains that a cosmic principle can be explained and understood through different points of view. Laws of physics can be explained by mathematics and geometry but they can also be reflected in human psychology and in different circumstances that encompasses human existence.

Seeing the forces and principles of nature and the universe reflected through prototypes or symbols, we discover a key to unlock the archetypes of the collective consciousness. The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung wrote extensively about this, and it is even reflected as the symbolical language of our own dreams. Taking these arguments into account we can better understand why man can communicate universally through symbols and that our consciousness expresses itself in this manner.

As a conclusion, we can see that Universal Coherence is a way of communicating directly with the consciousness, to reach insight by comparing a phenomenon with a similar concept in something else, using it as a mirror. Universal Coherence is therefore, through symbols and metaphors, the eternal language of the soul.