What is Geophilosophy?

The word philosophy etymologically comes from the Greek word Phileo (love) and Sophia (wisdom). Thereby it represents the love towards wisdom.

Geophilosphy is the universal philosophy that is present in all parts of the world and in all ancient cultures. It is the universal philosophy of Gaea, the goddess that in Greek mythology represents the earth, and from the word Gaea derive from. This transcendental philosophy is capable to give the keys to an inner awakening.

This philosophy is the guiding and intuitive knowledge that is inherent in every human being and can make us be aware of the mysteries of life. It was known by the name “GNANA” in the oriental Yoga-teachings, “IRFAN” in the Persian culture and “GNOSIS” denoting Christian and Pre-Christian mysticism. This knowledge has been prevalent in all magnificent civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Egypt, Tibet, Aztec, Maya, Greek, etc., but continued throughout the centuries, disguised with the cloak of alchemy during the Medieval Age. It continued, dressed in alchemical symbols also in the times of the Cathars in the 14th, 15th and 16th century, until being studied in the light of modern Psychoanalysis by scholars like Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. When he was studying one of the codices found in Nag Hammadi (Middle East) he exclaimed, full of astonishment: “My God! I have spent all my life trying to understand the human psyche and they, the Gnostics, had done it two thousand years ago!” In the Gospel of Thomas that was one of the texts that were found in Nag Hammadi you can read: “The Psyche carries within itself the potential to liberate us or enslave us”.

Geophilosophy asserts that it is absurd to search outside what man carries inside himself. Because of that it corresponds with Jung when he stated: "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

Geophilosophy does not identify itself with a specific religious ideology as it recognize in the beliefs and the religions in the whole world the sincere search for the truth and de essential elements of the eternal philosophy.

Geophilosophy does not pretend to teach anybody what to think as it understands that all dogmatism enslave the human being. On the contrary, it encourages free will and the capacity of reflection and discernment that every person possess.

Geophilosophy maintain that wisdom is more likely to be found in stillness of the heart than among opinions and theories in the complicated labyrinth of reason.



”Gnosis is a cosmic teaching that aspires to restore within each one of us the capacity of living consciously and intelligently”.       

Samael Aun Weor

"När du talar, repeterar du enbart vad du vet; men när du lyssnar lär du dig något nytt"

Dalai Lama