The intention is to inaugurate the exhibition at the Nehru Centre in London and after that, to build it up again in other cities where there is an interest or where there are other Geophilosophical Associations.

There is also a vision of a continuation of this project, in order to, later on, be able to present a bigger exhibition plan.

All the work for this exhibition has been done on a voluntary and non-profit basis.


The idea to do this exhibition was born at the Geophilosophical Association in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2011 and the planning and visualization have been going on since 2012. Since then, the project-team has been working with the content, texts, images and technique.

The team working on the project are mainly members of the Geophilosophical Associations in London, New Delhi, and Gothenburg, but many people from other places have participated in project.

From the beginning, the idea was to build a big exhibition with 13 sections about different topics related to the Tree of Life. 

Circumstances changed and in 2018, the entire exhibition project moved to London. At that time, the team decided to start with a part of the big exhibition plan:

The Maze of Existence and the Tree of Life.

Spring 2018 onwards, the search for a suitable venue in London started, with help from London & Partners, working under the Mayor of London.

In January 2019, The Nehru Centre, in the district of Mayfair, opened the doors for us and allowed us to use their beautiful venue for a week in November 2019.